Monday, November 07, 2005

Amy Smith M.I.T

Amy Smith MIT – International Development Initiative

Goal: “people saying it should have been done that way all along. It may sound small in theory, but in practice, it can change entire economies.”

Model: not to design “new” products, but to apply new technologies to old products, on a case by case basis.

Haiti- massive flooding due partly to the mass deforestation of the island, Haitians who had originally relied upon trees for cooking fuel, now rely on her new form of charcoal based on the abundant sugar cane

Botswana – daily routine of grinding grain for food, labor and time have been reduced by the motorized hammer mill. An adaptation of existing product, this mill does not require a screen (which is where a majority of the life-cost per mill) a patent-less design in which she encourages patent infringement.

Strategy of Influence –
humanitarian – 1988 peacecorps
researcher – research and design-- 1996-funded by grants at MIT
leader - MIT – International Development Initiative


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