Monday, October 31, 2005

MIT Media Lab 100 dollars laptop

After our first meeting, I post a few pictures and link to the web page of the 100$ laptop as a project to discuss on Wednesday.
"Laptops are both a window and a tool: a window into the world and a tool with which to think. They are a wonderful way for all children to "learn learning" through independent interaction and exploration."

Also I wanted to add that in this project the power of product design is pretty clear: It makes it very ready and on the market while it is still on the conception phase even though Nicolas Negroponte mentioned during the Media Lab alumni event it would be full featured for their next conference. It makes it a concrete and doable project for companies to sponsor the research proposed.


Blogger Andrew Schaper said...

Perhaps this is an obvious comment but couldn't the $100 laptop and other products that are conspicuously cheap be considered a mere marketing ploy. By marketing a product that performs at the level of a consumer of a non-industrialized country. Don't you create a new echelon of competition, below the performance standards of industrialized countries. The new market would not register on the graph Prof. Christensen propossed because it is only applicable to a society with industrialized needs. Though the exceptionally cheap laptop may seem a gesture of goodwill to underdeveloped countries couldn't it also be considered an exploitation of an untapped market.
Perhaps the laptop was not meant for developing countries but this theory might be applied to other overly affordable products.
did that make sense?

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